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Justice for Trayvon B. Martin

April 11, 2012

As I’m watching CNN and they’re discussing George Zimmerman’s charges, it still makes me so upset that it has taken THIS long for charges to even be brought against him.  I’ve attended several rallies for this cause and I left each one asking myself the same question: what do we as young people do to stop these injustices from happening?

It pisses me off because sometimes I feel like the older generations of Black people look down on us (the younger generation) like we’re not doing anything to help ourselves, but really WHAT can we do? Because I really just don’t know at this point.  This isn’t the 1960s the non violence approach doesn’t work in this day and age; they’re killing us one by one: the police, MARTA police, and hell even the damn neighborhood watch!  Every day we are encouraged to stand up and fight for what we believe in, but how can we honestly make a lasting impression without doing something drastic?  America as a whole has no respect for its Black people. I honestly feel like things won’t change in this country until little Suzie and Billy Jo start coming up missing/dead.  The only down side to that is more lives will be lost and then we end up being just as savage like and evil as this country and its people have been to us over these last 300+ years.

 I am truly frightened about the condition of my people, and where will be in this country over the next few years.  Zimmerman being faced with charges is just a small step that I hope will lead to larger changes in this country.  All I can do is pray, play my part, and see how this all plays out.  I’m glad that Trayvon’s family can at least be happy with the chargers against Zimmerman.  Now about that conviction though….


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